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Season 3 Arriving tomorrow

Posted by Smith on November 26, 2007

Well the new season is out tomorrow and I’m really excited. I have some new info regarding it too (might be old for some ppl). I had a lazy weekend so I haven’t done any research lately but Season 1 prices have been partically released. New Season 3 Bow and Gun viewable and lots of other neat stuff here.


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Bad News

Posted by Smith on November 16, 2007

I have done some nooby things in my life before, but this really takes the cake. I was excited about being in the Sol Fox guild on Spirestone and one minute after logging in I was invited to go to Gruul. My Ventrilo user name on vent was “aizz” (my hunter) so i made a new profile named “fealheal” to make things a little more clear for ventrilo users. Well with my old user profile goes all my settings, they all went back to default (which i didn’t realize ). This includes the “push to talk” feature that I like so much. My mic was always broadcasting whenever it had any input. The phone rang so I took out my ear buds (yea i know i use ear buds on my comp, weird) and I started to have a lengthy conversation with my GF about some and i quote “fucking bitch”. anyways, I repeated this a few times over the phone which really outraged everyone while talking over officers and stuff on vent. I was given warnings over vent but i didn’t hear em, no earbuds at the time. I turn around to face my computer and notice I was Gkicked and booted from vent and they all think i’m scum… so that sucks. I know a few people from the guild and I was talking to a girl named “Boody” only to discover she thinks that I’m pure evil and I destroy guilds for kicks. If only I had the power to be the great bane of Spirestone guilds, ahaha.

I feel very stupid for what happened but I also feel like a victim. I didn’t mean for this to happen, and I know I was given warnings but they never reached me. I feel this situation is very unfair for me and I’m not happy about the way this guild handled it. I’m not worried about finding another guild, I’m a lvl 70 holy priest its not going to be difficult. The idea of 30 or so people walking around who don’t like me isn’t pleasent and I wish it could have played out differently.

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Season 3 Delay

Posted by Smith on November 15, 2007

Blizzard has announced a one week long delay in the release of season 3, the new release date is the 27th. Blizz told players the delay is because of its proximity (calendar wise) to Thanksgiving weekend. They want the release to be as smooth as possible and are anticipating bugs that will be fixed with emergency down time. This will be a lot harder to implement if half of the blizz team is off for the holiday. here is the link to read more.

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Guild Troubles

Posted by Smith on November 15, 2007

It is a long story but I will give you guys the short version. The some people in the guild were thinking that a possible merge with another larger spirestone guild was going to happen. A lot of people were unhappy and the situation ended with the guild dissolving. I followed Xwizitrod and Dazz and we have landed in a guild called Sol Fox where we happily sit as “minions”. I don’t see Exile reforming. I have been waiting for this guild “cleansing” to take place for a while now, it happens to every guild one time or another.

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Champion’s Hall

Posted by Smith on November 14, 2007

Funny thing, The day that patch 2.3 was released I went to Champion’s hall to look at honor prices because I have to get around to farming marks for my new PVP cape. When I arrived, the whole room was packed with noobs looking for season 1 gear released for honor. So I took the time to explain to them how Blizzard is releasing the new arena and PVP content one week later so blizzard doesn’t bite off more then they can chew. After I explained this i received 5 more PSTs saying “where is it then?? i already checked Netherstorm…” That made my night and made me laugh. I am really excited about new stuff and that season 1 is being released for honor. I might invest in a season 1 warstaff.

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I love Opera, but not that much…

Posted by Smith on November 11, 2007

New update to the readers, the guild has been knocked up a notch on the server in my opinion. While sadly I could not attend Saturday’s raid, they continued on from the Maiden of Virtue’s cold body. They progressed to the Opera event where the guild took one wipe of practice and during the second attempt it wasn’t looking good. I’m going to copy and paste some quotes from the second attempt:

we were on our way to a wipe
and bigandtasty (Raid leader) was like “guys wipe plz…”

and Ragnax and Romiras were like, “HELL NO WE TAKIN HIM DOWN”

and we did, with 2 survivors a shadow priest and MS warrior

They made it all the way to Curator where they packed it in for the night. It was a very epic evening. I am really excited to be there for the next raid and I will get some screen shots of the new bosses once I can take some next friday. Once we get some practise we as a guild should be able to start taking down one new boss a week and at least up to the Opera event in the first four hours of the raid each friday.

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More Success in Karazhan

Posted by Smith on November 11, 2007

I never took a screenshot last week when we beat Attumen the Huntsman or Moroes but I got around to it this week. I am going to take screenshots of each new boss that we will be taking down. Hopefully about one a week. Anyways we’ve proven that last week was not a fluke because we took down Attumen on the first try as well as Moroes. Last week we wiped probably half a dozen times but the actual number escapes me right now. I’m really proud of this group that Xwizitrod has pieced together with some help but he is the driving force behind the guild. Here are the screen shots of the new bosses we took down in Kara in 1 night after only 3.5 hours. and remember its only our second time in here.

Surprise! We downed Maiden too, on our last try of the night. It was so epic!

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Movie intro

Posted by Smith on November 8, 2007

So as part of my internship Bryght I feel that I should have a deliverable. Something to show off after spending my time working here. so my initial thought was something about warcraft, then my parents suggested something for Ali (my professional singer sister who is trying to reach the top) like a website or something. I have decided to mix my ideas and create a music video for Ali using the world of warcraft. No work has been done yet, this is the preliminary post of my thoughts.

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Patch 2.3 and Season 3 release date Announced

Posted by Smith on November 7, 2007

 Patch 2.3 is scheduled to go live on November 13th. The Public test realms are live with the new patch currently, you can copy your toon over to take a look. The new season is going to be released 1 week after patch 2.3. Blizzard has announced that the dates aren’t set in stone but they are “pretty sure…” it will be released on time. Season 3 and the patch are separated by 1 week to help the blizzard team focus on one thing at a time, there are bound to be bugs that will need everyones attention for at least a week. The older season 2 items are going to be reduced in price to the same as season 1 currently is. While season 1 is going to be removed from the arena system and placed into the regular Battleground gameplay.

With the coming of the new season all arena teams will have their rank reset to 1,500 and titled players will have their titles usurped. The new personal rating stat is going to be exactly the same as team rating except it’s only going to include games that you attended, not the entire team. Blizzard has left a post here for those looking to read more.

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First night in Karazhan

Posted by Smith on November 5, 2007

On Friday this weekend I was excited because my guild and I hit up Kara for the very first time. I have raided for ages in Molten Core, ZG, AQ20, BWL, AQ40 and Naxx and I must say that it went REALLY well this week. Most of the team has never raided anything before, but we downed Attumen the Huntsman on our second try and we beat Moroes after about 6 wipes. We made great progress in our first night and I’m really pleased it went so well. The second night we made a few attempts at the Maiden of Virtue but our class composition and scheduling conflicts meant we had to end early but we made some good attempts and I’m hoping to get a Shard of the Virtuous soon. I also did my first heroic after we disbanded from Kara. We hit up heroic Slave Pens on Coilfang Reservoir and it went really well. We wiped 3 times but cleared the entire thing in a relatively short period of time, and I picked up some epic damage boots. I have high hopes for this guild and my only worry is my own raiding commitment because i actually have a life and GF of my own 😛

I’m on Spirestone and the guild is called Exile so please drop a line if you would like a guild or just to say hi 🙂

comments here are fun too.

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