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A Little About Me…

It occurs to me that after a few weeks of blogging, you readers don’t really know who I am, so here it goes. I have been playing World of Warcraft since August of 2005. The first character I ever played was a warlock and I got him to lvl 20 but got fed up in Westfall, lol so i quit him. Then the next character I played was a druid named “Gizzby” on the “greymane” server and I got him all the way up to lvl 60 in 23days of playtime (yeah i know, i took my time). My first impulse was to PVP and so i did. I PVPed for hours every day because the honor system was very very different then it is now. It was almost like arena rating, in the sense that if you had a great week and so did everyone else you wouldn’t get as much and visa versa. I PVPed for months and reached the Status of Lieutenant Commander Gizzby and had my full blue PVP feral set. I was finished with PVP and i joined a prominent raiding guild on the greymane server. I was able to fully complete Zul’Gurub, AQ20, Molten Core, Blackwing Layer and collected 4 peices of tier 1 and 4 pieces of tier 2. Each of these sets were both Restoration specced and had a total of 8 pieces in each set. Ihad just begun in AQ40 When the new tier 3 dungeon called “naxx” emerged. We downed 4 boss encounters in AQ40 and only Instructor Razuvius within Naxx when the new expansion The Burning Crusade was released. I was at one time one of the best geared and skilled druids on my server but when the expansion was released and we began leveling again my gear was reverted back to zero and i felt a great loss. I lost the heart to play my druid anymore so i took a few months off from the game and began playing a new toon on a different server away from my druid. “Fealheal” is the name of my newly level 70 priest. I leveled him up to level 70 in about half the time it took me to level my druid up to 60. I am now trying to run Kara with my new guild, gain arena points for my priest and farm some money for my nether drake.

If you need to throw an email my way: Fealheal@gmail.com


2 Responses to “A Little About Me…”

  1. Andy F. said

    Omg Feal is the best! lol thought I would leave you a comment saying hi.
    Love the mac pro in the picture 🙂 X will never understand the amazing concept of a mac being better than a pc but you and I both know the truth 😛

    VIVA LA Ctrl+click (omg thats right its a right click with half the button space used)


  2. Smith said


    that mac there is a beast.

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