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The first post of the new Contributer

Posted by superhifi on March 20, 2008

So, I figured that since Fealheal/Smith made me a contributor I should make my first post a good one. The guild has been going through some rough times these last couple of weeks with Flashburn (the almightly leader of our rag tag family of friends) and JohnnyBlonde (one of the best warrior tanks you will meet) being gone. But fear not for the great ones have returned at last to restore order and bring us back from our crappy weeks of raiding. Although I must say, we did do an okay job while they were gone. We got Hexlord Malacrass from ZA and Hydross down….worked on Leo to 8%…but then fell short the week after doing nothing for raid progression. With Flashburn’s return we thought we would kill Leo off this week, and with one more shot on Monday we might just do that! (we got him to 1% on Friday but just couldnt muster a down because of some group members having to leave) Here is hoping that Feal or I (or both) will post a picture of the death of Leo and some people getting T5 gloves in the next few days. Give me a break on the pictures, I will have some up soon…but until then I look forward to posting some fun stuff in the near future, enjoy the read!


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