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Sanity ftw

Posted by Smith on February 19, 2008

Guild is rocking sox right now. We downed Hydros in SSC and took Leo the blind down to 8% on our third attempt. We will be getting Leo down this Wednesday, I’m confident (we’ll lose the protection specced warriors who can’t down their inner demons). Void Reaver in TK is also on farm and guildies are starting to load up on the Tier5 shoulder goodness :D.

Hydross guild first down

I am even more impressed with the progress the guild is making in Zul’Aman. All four of the animal priests are down regularly and we succeeded in downing Hexlord Malacrass for the first time last Thursday. We made 3 good attempts in on Zul’jin and got him to 33% at best. The fight demands that there be at some melee (2 or more) because of the third phase of the fight, which we didn’t have at the time. So I’m optimistic about Sanity’s odds on fully clearing a new raid instance! All in all we’re progressing much faster than we should be. This worries me a little because it means the next gearcheck (lady Vashj I think) is going to hit us really hard. I really raked it in in ZA last week tho. I picked up Robes of Heavenly Purpose, Broach of Nature’s Mercy, Hood of the Third Eye and the pattern for Boots of the Long Road(gunna be a pricy craft),

 More visually stimulating screenshots

Hexlord Down!


Hexlord Down!

 Baby Bear vs Mom

One Armed Zul’jin 





7 Responses to “Sanity ftw”

  1. Andy F. said

    Wow, I didn’t know we got Hexlord down, I didnt get to go to ZA last week. I cant wait to kick the crap out of Leo this week, and hopefully my T5 shoulders will be so kind enough to drop again. btw do you know when 2.4 goes live?

  2. Smith said

    no I don’t know, but enough details about it are out to the point I think 2.4 will be released quite soon.

  3. Andy F. said

    So about last night -_- I hope that doesnt happen again…I think only about half the raid was on the ball…

  4. Smith said

    Rough night, too many new people. Usual raiders though were making noob mistakes. I wasted 15g on reagents and 30g on repairs, I’m glad I’m not a warrior.

  5. Andy F. said

    Lol lets talk about 60 ~ 80 gold repair and one boss down, no loot drop that I could roll on, I guess the dkp was worth it but….I would much rather wait for Nazi Flash to be on then do a run like that again.

  6. superhifi said

    Hey Feal, its me andy yay I have an account…well in class, ttyl

  7. Smith said

    next time i see you in game we’ll set you up 🙂

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