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Serpentshrine Cavern

Posted by Smith on February 12, 2008

So lately my attendance to raids has been downright fucking pitiful. Sanity(the guild) has also adopted the DKP (dragon kill point, lol) system which directy translates into less gear for Fealheal, because of my low attendance. So I’ll double up my efforts and I plan to be the guy with 5x more DKP then anyone else and I never roll. yup, that’ll be me…. suuuure.

Anyways, after not being online for a few days I logged in and to my surprise the guild was in SSC trying to down The Lurker Below. They were consistently getting him down to 60%ish and they asked me to enter. I entered and on my very first attempt we got him to 8% and finally downed him on the second attempt (the guild had been trying to down him all the previous night). So I don’t mean to brag or anything but it appears that I really am all that AND a bag of potato chips. lol, no I’m only kidding. The guild tweaked their strategy a little bit and discovered that its best to have a healer underwater all the time (that was me). anyways here is your favorite part SCREEN SHOTS!


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