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Christmas was nice, but I’m back

Posted by Smith on January 10, 2008

Christmas was long and busy and I have really been incognito both on WoW and on the web. I had my entire family visit (4 sisters and their husbands and kids) it became a really full house. So Sorry that I haven’t posted up anything all at in a long time.

now for Character sheet, over Christmas I have only really been playing my horde alt because they’re not as time consuming as 70s to do anything. You probably don’t know about this alt because hes been under the radar and unimportant until now. He dinged 45 last night and has a nice panther for a pet. Hes a BE (of course), there are so many as of late.

In the mean time I have only done a little bit of arena and tailoring on my priest. I finally picked up my Season 3 hood and I am very pleased with it. My damage set is nearly all epics now as well as my healing set. I don’t have any enchants on my healing stuff and I’m sitting at 1600 flat with my +healing.


2 Responses to “Christmas was nice, but I’m back”

  1. Grats man!

    I’m happy at 600 healing… but then again, I’m not spec’d for healing one bit.

  2. Smith said

    lol, feral woot!

    I imagine once I get my enchants I will about nearly 1800+ Healing

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