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Nightbane is Down and I’m Keeping Busy

Posted by Smith on December 14, 2007

Progress with my new guild has been exciting, we have 3 raid groups each week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The other week we downed Prince for the first time as you can see in my previous posts. Our raid group (Wednesday) has had good success, we have downed Nightbane and cleared all of Karazhan in 5 hours with the exception of Netherspite. We are trying our best to make sure one raid group isn’t progressing faster and leaving the others behind but Wednesdays group seems to be slipping ahead. I imagine we will be rotating spots around to make sure everyone has a fun time and doesn’t feel left out. One of our mages, Kiwifruit has been gearing up like crazy to be our mage tank for the Gruul fight and is really nervous.

A core group of players have been rocking the heroics on the side as well. Fathos (pally tank), Kiwifruit (mage), Xwizitrod (shadow priest or Rogue) and sometimes me are running heroic instances like there is no tomorrow and we’re doign it Really Really fast. We clear heroic Under Bog and Slave Pens in about an hour now. We have cleared heroic Shadow Labs now, it was extremely easy (I couldn’t tell a difference between heroic and non heroic) up to Murmur where we wiped about 10 times only to give up on the strat that we were using and come up with our own. We beat him on the first try.

I was playing Xwizitrod’s shadow priest during this heroic

Arena and Battle Grounds have played a little bit of a role as well. I got my Gladiator’s Warstaff last night (finally). We usually buy a 5v5 every 2 weeks to keep our score up and it has gone well, 300-350 points a week. This week however we threw a group of guildies together (completely random) and we actually gained some points instead of lost đŸ˜€ So that saved us 100g in arena charters (at least) and we’re going to go again this week with our new found team. On top of the 5v5 teams I have been screwing around with the other size brackets and it has been fun. This is a funny screenshot, check out our leetness.


2 Responses to “Nightbane is Down and I’m Keeping Busy”

  1. Baila said

    Nice! Question for ya, how long did it take you to start raiding after you hit 70?

  2. Smith said

    um on my first toon it took a few months of PVP.

    but on my new priest it took about 3 weeks before i first went into Karazhan.

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