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Posted by Smith on December 5, 2007

So now I feel as comfortable playing now as I did on my druid. When I played my druid I knew most gear that could drop from where, what was best PVP wise, boss strats and I really knew how to grind. I PVPed for hours every day because the system ladder was relative back then, your honor and rank was tallyed up at the end of the week because its relative to how much other players made. This system was very competitive and premade teams were less common but the ones that were made were very serious.

So now on my priest up until last night he felt “new”. I know most of the boss strats in Kara, the PVP gear is not out of my reach anymore and everything seems to be coming together, slowing but surely. I am comfortable playing now after the burning crusade release really rattled my cage.

My plan is to first, make my priest look badass, which I will complete in 3 weeks. I’m buying the S3 helm and the S1 warstaff with the S2 shoulders and chest pieces I already have and he’ll look great. Once he looks badass and intimidating I’m going to actually make him a force to be reckoned with by farming enough honor for the vindicator Bs (boots, bracers and belt), I already have all the marks I’m going to need. I will finish it off but getting the vind. neck, both vind. and vet. rings. Then the pvp trinket should finish it off. I honestly don’t know how long it will take to farm enough honor for this stuff but I’m making anywhere between 3-6k honor an evening, and I still have to tally up the honor and extrapolate a date.

We downed prince also and it was a long raid, nearly 7 hours I think but check it out.

Here is something nice to look at


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