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Bad News

Posted by Smith on November 16, 2007

I have done some nooby things in my life before, but this really takes the cake. I was excited about being in the Sol Fox guild on Spirestone and one minute after logging in I was invited to go to Gruul. My Ventrilo user name on vent was “aizz” (my hunter) so i made a new profile named “fealheal” to make things a little more clear for ventrilo users. Well with my old user profile goes all my settings, they all went back to default (which i didn’t realize ). This includes the “push to talk” feature that I like so much. My mic was always broadcasting whenever it had any input. The phone rang so I took out my ear buds (yea i know i use ear buds on my comp, weird) and I started to have a lengthy conversation with my GF about some and i quote “fucking bitch”. anyways, I repeated this a few times over the phone which really outraged everyone while talking over officers and stuff on vent. I was given warnings over vent but i didn’t hear em, no earbuds at the time. I turn around to face my computer and notice I was Gkicked and booted from vent and they all think i’m scum… so that sucks. I know a few people from the guild and I was talking to a girl named “Boody” only to discover she thinks that I’m pure evil and I destroy guilds for kicks. If only I had the power to be the great bane of Spirestone guilds, ahaha.

I feel very stupid for what happened but I also feel like a victim. I didn’t mean for this to happen, and I know I was given warnings but they never reached me. I feel this situation is very unfair for me and I’m not happy about the way this guild handled it. I’m not worried about finding another guild, I’m a lvl 70 holy priest its not going to be difficult. The idea of 30 or so people walking around who don’t like me isn’t pleasent and I wish it could have played out differently.


6 Responses to “Bad News”

  1. Seb said

    sounds awfully like you got kicked out of the dork squad

  2. Ben said


    can’t you just explain what happened and apologize, or do these people have the maturity of a preschooler?

  3. Smith said

    yea they wouldn’t take me back… even though it was a mistake

  4. Ben said

    …I didn’t know 6 years olds knew how to play WoW. Bummer about all that, Smith

  5. Andy F. said

    LOL you are the vic. Feal, those guys are nubs for not even giving you a chance to explain yourself……but come to think of it CK, Exile, Raiding Hub (briefly)….all those guilds that I have been in with you have gone down so you might just be the plague of all Spirestone Guilds 😛

    JK JK of course, your awesome and Sol Fox can suck it,

  6. Smith said

    HAHA maybe i am turning into the plague of spirestone guilds… I would have a real title instead of “champion of the naruu”

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