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Champion’s Hall

Posted by Smith on November 14, 2007

Funny thing, The day that patch 2.3 was released I went to Champion’s hall to look at honor prices because I have to get around to farming marks for my new PVP cape. When I arrived, the whole room was packed with noobs looking for season 1 gear released for honor. So I took the time to explain to them how Blizzard is releasing the new arena and PVP content one week later so blizzard doesn’t bite off more then they can chew. After I explained this i received 5 more PSTs saying “where is it then?? i already checked Netherstorm…” That made my night and made me laugh. I am really excited about new stuff and that season 1 is being released for honor. I might invest in a season 1 warstaff.


2 Responses to “Champion’s Hall”

  1. Andy F. said

    Lol I love the nubs that cant understand you…..”what do you mean one week….I have all this honor….do you mean its in netherstorm…?” then you calmly reply, “no its in one week…does that sound like netherstorm?”….”well…”…”NO GOD DAMNIT ONE WEEK!”


  2. Smith said

    you are so right, it was exactly like that

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