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More Success in Karazhan

Posted by Smith on November 11, 2007

I never took a screenshot last week when we beat Attumen the Huntsman or Moroes but I got around to it this week. I am going to take screenshots of each new boss that we will be taking down. Hopefully about one a week. Anyways we’ve proven that last week was not a fluke because we took down Attumen on the first try as well as Moroes. Last week we wiped probably half a dozen times but the actual number escapes me right now. I’m really proud of this group that Xwizitrod has pieced together with some help but he is the driving force behind the guild. Here are the screen shots of the new bosses we took down in Kara in 1 night after only 3.5 hours. and remember its only our second time in here.

Surprise! We downed Maiden too, on our last try of the night. It was so epic!


3 Responses to “More Success in Karazhan”

  1. xwizit said

    YEAH BITCHES opera down too, curator gonna get it next XD

  2. Seb said


  3. Smith said

    lol yea man i know

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