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I love Opera, but not that much…

Posted by Smith on November 11, 2007

New update to the readers, the guild has been knocked up a notch on the server in my opinion. While sadly I could not attend Saturday’s raid, they continued on from the Maiden of Virtue’s cold body. They progressed to the Opera event where the guild took one wipe of practice and during the second attempt it wasn’t looking good. I’m going to copy and paste some quotes from the second attempt:

we were on our way to a wipe
and bigandtasty (Raid leader) was like “guys wipe plz…”

and Ragnax and Romiras were like, “HELL NO WE TAKIN HIM DOWN”

and we did, with 2 survivors a shadow priest and MS warrior

They made it all the way to Curator where they packed it in for the night. It was a very epic evening. I am really excited to be there for the next raid and I will get some screen shots of the new bosses once I can take some next friday. Once we get some practise we as a guild should be able to start taking down one new boss a week and at least up to the Opera event in the first four hours of the raid each friday.


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