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Attuned to Karazhan

Posted by Smith on October 29, 2007

After spending four or five days waiting for a run to Black Morass with my guild it finally happened! My priest is now attuned to Karazhan. Check that off my “to-do” list. I started farming gold in Shadow Moon Valley for my mount again but was ganked by horde so many times that I got fed up and respecced shadow again. farming is much faster and killing horde is much easier now, I earned 566g from farming all day yesturday while watching the Jekyll marathon on Showcase (really good show). Right after I respecced back to shadow my guild leader Xwizitrod told me to really grind my tailoring hard because he wanted me to get the Primal Mooncloth healing set. So I’m going to put 400g aside to level my tailoring up from 235 where i sadly left it while I was lvling. While he is going to help me with mats once I gain the skill to make them.



3 Responses to “Attuned to Karazhan”

  1. Baila said

    It’s official, I’m turning green and yes, it’s envy! Gratz!

  2. Ben said

    yeah, Bernie’s birthday is on Nov. 12th, which I think is a sunday? I dunno… on, and grats on being an awesome WoW player still. I totally don’t have the patience for that any more

  3. Smith said

    nov 12 is a monday… sucks but i think we’ll celebrate that weekend anyways.

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