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Posted by Smith on October 22, 2007

I’ve been promoted within my guild to Council. That makes me an officer second only to Xwizitrod the leader. He has asked me to help keep order within the guild, recruit others that are competent and kick those who don’t belong. I’m now one of the guild’s premier healers and my gear isn’t very good at all yet. I’m excited to become geared and really push this guild up another notch, both PVP and PVE wise. We’ll be entering karazhan soon and I’m excited about the 10man raiding style. The forty man raids from pre TBC were just too hard to organize and even if you did there was little chance of you ever getting gear. I hope I don’t end up becoming the guilds raiding officer because of my experience but I would certainly not mind helping the raid officer with planning and questions. I’m also well on my way to becomeing attuned to Karazhan.


4 Responses to “Promotion”

  1. Ben said

    hey man, sounds awesome

    are you gonna get your gear in Karazhan, you think?

  2. Smith said

    Karazhan is more for fun but i think i’ll pick up a few peices in there. I already have lvl 70 rings from the headless horseman (Hallows End – holiday). I think i’m gunna pick up a lot of gear my from Season 3 arena.

  3. Baila said

    wOOt! there you are, couldn’t find ur site til i went in stats. gratz on the promotion. sounds exciting, especially running kara.

  4. Lonnie said

    yay smithy!

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