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70 Priest

Posted by Smith on October 18, 2007

Fealheal the shadow priest made it to 70 last night! Whoo, I have bought my flying mount and made it a priority to gather honor for my insignia of the alliance, for battling in the arena. When I get my insignia I am going to start the long grind of farming the money for my epic flying mount which should take something like 2 weeks. I also have to spend some time getting attuned to kara because I believe the guild master wants us in there not long from now. Xwizitrod and I did 10 rounds in the 2v2 arena and we only won 3 games. I feel it is because I’m specced as a shadow priest and that my gear is really bad. I really wanted to remain shadow but i respecced to a total hybrid of 18/22/21. I will probably have to respecc to complete disc but we’ll see…


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