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The Newbie Perspective

Posted by Smith on October 15, 2007

I drove from Whistler to Vancouver this morning to get to work. A friend wanted a lift as well so he hitched a ride with us. When we finally got through all the construction on the highway we made it across the bridge and into downtown. He needed to take the to the sky train and it was a lot of fun being able to show him around. I was in the opposite roll only three weeks ago but I could lead him around with some confidence and I really enjoyed the role reversal.


8 Responses to “The Newbie Perspective”

  1. kevin said

    you know when you droped seb off that day i met up with him at the buss station because i was on my way home from the city. its weird how things liek that happen? i mean what are the chances that you would run into one of your best freinds that is living in victoria in a differnt city with thousands of people in it.
    it was good to see him again.

  2. littledevilcandy said

    wow~~~like da pic u took~~~~

  3. Smith said

    thank you its Seb… the guy i dropped off

  4. Ben said

    who’s littledevilcandy?

    I thought it was only us Whistler peoples reading this blog–and Smith’s boss

  5. Seb said

    yea me from like a billion years ago
    man thats awesome, we should get everyone reading this
    and yea kev, that was super weird at the busstation haha but fun too
    apples are so concealable
    battlefront last night was super sicc too we kicked so much fuckin ass

  6. Smith said

    yea Ben I thought only we were going to read this… who knew i’m near 3,000 hits right now… Maybe i should keep posting interesting stuff

  7. Ben said


    yeah, go for it
    and ask for comments, too, because Hey! why not?

  8. Smith said

    thats true… i might get more comments if i ask.

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