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Player vs Player

Posted by Smith on October 9, 2007

Fealheal is approaching 65, and it is more apparent that I need a plan of attack to get good gear when I reach 70. My guild leader Xwizitrod is excited to have another 70 priest in the guild and has invited me to join the guild 5v5 arena team with a current rank of 2315. This is tempting because the season 2 arena gear is comparable to the tier 5 raiding set and in my opinion it is easier to obtain. If we maintain our rank I will earn 12,000 arena points (enough to buy entire season 2 set + weapon) in 10 weeks. My spec will remain shadow for the time being. I feel that I can do more as a damage player then a healer. I’m very excited to see how my priest will fair in an arena experience.

the arena and raiding armor sets can be seen here!


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