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Happy Thanks Giving

Posted by Smith on October 9, 2007

I had a great Thanks Giving weekend. Lonnie and the Podborskis came for dinner on Sunday and we watched Airplane. The turkey was amazing as always Dad! I had a really good time and I was glad that Lonnie could join us this year. On Monday I was invited to Lonnie’s family’s Thanks Giving and that was fun too! We all had to say something we were thankful for around the table before we could dig in. I had never done this at home, but i used to the opportunity to embarrass Lonnie and say that I was thankful to be with her. She is so shy sometimes.

Happy Thanks Giving!


3 Responses to “Happy Thanks Giving”

  1. Ben said

    capitalize our name, plz
    and Airplane, plz

    hows Van again?

  2. gizzby said

    No need to follow the proper grammer rules here… no one reads but us 😛

  3. Ben said

    you sure?

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