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Patching the Issues

Posted by Smith on October 3, 2007

World of Warcraft is always changing. I started playing WoW in August of 2005 and the game has changed a lot since then. When i first started playing there was no in game weather or flight points in Rachet or Un’Goro. Flight points didn’t connect either.. u had to manually move between each flight point instead of clicking the far one and riding all the way down the continent. The druid abilities of hurricane and innervate were both talents and the feral tree was useless. Druids didn’t have Tree of Life or Moonkin form then either. Blizzard began patching almost immediately after the game was released and themed each patch after the class that received the most attention, druids were patch 1.8. The release of The Burning crusade has changed Blizzard’s patching approach from class themed to content themed. The most recent patch allows players to record video of their gameplay, allows VoIP chat ingame, as well as several new and needed graveyards in remote zones. I’m happy to see that the cost of training for epic mounts has increased from 90g to 540g, and the cost of the actual mount has gone from 900g to 90g. This makes it easy to have more then one cool looking mount and saves me just under 400g (happy happy happy).

Here is my new “Swift White Steed!”


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