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Priest and hunter

Posted by Smith on October 1, 2007

I’m now currently level 62 because i’ve been a little busy for the weekend, anyways i’m still 500g away from my epic mount… then another 1,000g away from my flying… and on top of that… another 5,000g away from my nether drake. 6,500g is a long long way to go not to mention expenditures that i’ll have to make for repairs and reagents. I’ve been researching some strategies of how to get gold in large quantities quickly. The best class to solo instances and farm areas seems to be the hunter. My hunter is currently level 33 but doesn’t have any professions, should i go the route of two gathering professions, ie: mining, herbalism or go herbalism, alchemy? I’m really enjoying my priest and have decided that once i reach lvl 70 i’m going to continue questing in outlands. I’m told that all the quests together in all of outland total 7,000g so it should be enough. The big thing is when lvl 70 rolls around its easy to get distracted with PVP and raiding. However if you continue your gold farming till u receive your epic flying beautiful crazy flying bird thing faster, and you end up raiding or PVPing faster… in the end. The new area i’m in is called Zangarmarsh and is loaded full of hallucinogenic mushrooms that are 5 stories tall. here are some pics


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