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Sunshine and gumdrops??

Posted by Smith on September 25, 2007

I’ve been in Vancouver for 5 days now. The one thing so far that I’m curious about is, does it get sunny around here!?! i haven’t seen any evidence of it yet. Everyone in the city on strike and a lack of sunshine makes me feel like i’m in the movies after the main character’s best friend just bite the dust. The parks overgrowing with foot tall grass does make me feel a tiny bit more at home. Being from the wilderness of the mountains and all lol. K, i’m done ragging on Vancouver. Despite the weather i’m actually a big fan of the city. You can do everything here you can do in Whistler and more. Services like adsl aren’t offered in parts of Whistler or you can’t go to Costco which is a big deal. I finally met the infamous Kris k. today who came in at lunch. lol and would you look at that, its getting sunny out! ooh the irony 🙂

Kris K.


One Response to “Sunshine and gumdrops??”

  1. Feo said

    i love you man hahaha this is awesome

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