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First Day at Bryght

Posted by Smith on September 24, 2007


Today was my first day and i was super excited. I got up early and was all ready only to find out that work started at 9 :P.

The big difference about the city and a small town like Whistler is that something is always happening, and it overwhelms me. An example would be I walk down the street and a TV show is being filmed! Then i turn my head to see some guy yelling at the bus he missed, then a plane flies over head. Whistler has events all like this but its all 20-30min apart, i just can’t keep up :P.


2 Responses to “First Day at Bryght”

  1. Glad the first day was stimulating

  2. kevin said

    totally agree with you!!!
    im from whistler as well and i am in the city right now its just so over whelming!

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