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The first post of the new Contributer

Posted by superhifi on March 20, 2008

So, I figured that since Fealheal/Smith made me a contributor I should make my first post a good one. The guild has been going through some rough times these last couple of weeks with Flashburn (the almightly leader of our rag tag family of friends) and JohnnyBlonde (one of the best warrior tanks you will meet) being gone. But fear not for the great ones have returned at last to restore order and bring us back from our crappy weeks of raiding. Although I must say, we did do an okay job while they were gone. We got Hexlord Malacrass from ZA and Hydross down….worked on Leo to 8%…but then fell short the week after doing nothing for raid progression. With Flashburn’s return we thought we would kill Leo off this week, and with one more shot on Monday we might just do that! (we got him to 1% on Friday but just couldnt muster a down because of some group members having to leave) Here is hoping that Feal or I (or both) will post a picture of the death of Leo and some people getting T5 gloves in the next few days. Give me a break on the pictures, I will have some up soon…but until then I look forward to posting some fun stuff in the near future, enjoy the read!


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Sanity ftw

Posted by Smith on February 19, 2008

Guild is rocking sox right now. We downed Hydros in SSC and took Leo the blind down to 8% on our third attempt. We will be getting Leo down this Wednesday, I’m confident (we’ll lose the protection specced warriors who can’t down their inner demons). Void Reaver in TK is also on farm and guildies are starting to load up on the Tier5 shoulder goodness :D.

Hydross guild first down

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Serpentshrine Cavern

Posted by Smith on February 12, 2008

So lately my attendance to raids has been downright fucking pitiful. Sanity(the guild) has also adopted the DKP (dragon kill point, lol) system which directy translates into less gear for Fealheal, because of my low attendance. So I’ll double up my efforts and I plan to be the guy with 5x more DKP then anyone else and I never roll. yup, that’ll be me…. suuuure.

Anyways, after not being online for a few days I logged in and to my surprise the guild was in SSC trying to down The Lurker Below. They were consistently getting him down to 60%ish and they asked me to enter. I entered and on my very first attempt we got him to 8% and finally downed him on the second attempt (the guild had been trying to down him all the previous night). So I don’t mean to brag or anything but it appears that I really am all that AND a bag of potato chips. lol, no I’m only kidding. The guild tweaked their strategy a little bit and discovered that its best to have a healer underwater all the time (that was me). anyways here is your favorite part SCREEN SHOTS!

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ZA progress

Posted by Smith on February 10, 2008

On top of that the guild is working through ZA although nobody really takes the instance to seriously because we still have Hex Lord and the last boss left which surprises me after soo long.

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Gruul Down and still playing

Posted by Smith on January 15, 2008

So as we continue through the paces of raiding we’re actually progressing, crazy eh? The great thing is that we’re progressing normally. We’re pretty much finished with Karazhan, we only run it for alts and stuff twice a week. We have cleared Gruul’s on our second night.

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Christmas was nice, but I’m back

Posted by Smith on January 10, 2008

Christmas was long and busy and I have really been incognito both on WoW and on the web. I had my entire family visit (4 sisters and their husbands and kids) it became a really full house. So Sorry that I haven’t posted up anything all at in a long time.

now for Character sheet, over Christmas I have only really been playing my horde alt because they’re not as time consuming as 70s to do anything. You probably don’t know about this alt because hes been under the radar and unimportant until now. He dinged 45 last night and has a nice panther for a pet. Hes a BE (of course), there are so many as of late.

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New Content

Posted by Smith on December 18, 2007

I went into a new instance for the first time. Gruul’s Lair was fun and it took us a few times to get the pull for High King Mulgar down. Kiwifruit was really nervious about being the mage tank for this fight only to pull it off beautifully in the end. He now sits a head above everyone (in his own mind) but he’ll come off his cloud in a few days 😛

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Nightbane is Down and I’m Keeping Busy

Posted by Smith on December 14, 2007

Progress with my new guild has been exciting, we have 3 raid groups each week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The other week we downed Prince for the first time as you can see in my previous posts. Our raid group (Wednesday) has had good success, we have downed Nightbane and cleared all of Karazhan in 5 hours with the exception of Netherspite. We are trying our best to make sure one raid group isn’t progressing faster and leaving the others behind but Wednesdays group seems to be slipping ahead. I imagine we will be rotating spots around to make sure everyone has a fun time and doesn’t feel left out. One of our mages, Kiwifruit has been gearing up like crazy to be our mage tank for the Gruul fight and is really nervous.

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Posted by Smith on December 5, 2007

So now I feel as comfortable playing now as I did on my druid. When I played my druid I knew most gear that could drop from where, what was best PVP wise, boss strats and I really knew how to grind. I PVPed for hours every day because the system ladder was relative back then, your honor and rank was tallyed up at the end of the week because its relative to how much other players made. This system was very competitive and premade teams were less common but the ones that were made were very serious.

So now on my priest up until last night he felt “new”. I know most of the boss strats in Kara, the PVP gear is not out of my reach anymore and everything seems to be coming together, slowing but surely. I am comfortable playing now after the burning crusade release really rattled my cage.

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Posted by Smith on November 27, 2007

    Hey guys,  this blog is a lot of fun to write, reply and try to answer questions. I just wanted to say thanks to the readers that have visited my blog because it gives me more reason to keep up with it. I started it mainly as a way to vent my WoW experiences, goals and acheivements, sort of a virtual trophy case. It is a big success so far, I have had  almost 15,000 hits today on various posts the proof is here. Thanks 😀

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